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Hogtown Roundup Poster Apr 2015

For the past two years, Blythwood Winds has premiered newly composed Canadian works for woodwind quintet on its Hogtown Roundup series. In April of 2015, we had the exciting task  of discovering and presenting new compositions from Canadian composers William Rowson, Nathaniel Barnes and Kevin Lau. The addition of this new music to the chamber music repertory is an honour as much as it is an adventure. 

This past season we revisited what makes this city tick with Hogtown Roundup: Toronto Graffiti on June 12th, 2016 at Heliconian Hall. This concert was co-curated by Elisha Denburg, co-Artistic Director of the Toy Piano Composers and General Manager of the Canadian League of Composers. Along with a new commission from Denburg, we featured premieres of works by Jason Doell, and Bekah Simms. There will be visual elements to this performance with a focus on local graffiti and street art. 

Please support Blythwood Winds in its endeavour to promote, perform and celebrate new Canadian music! 

Blythwood Winds gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations who have generously supported our recent commissioning and musical endeavours:

Daisy Anderson

Jim Crouch & Lynne Davis

Cheri & Robert Macaulay

Janet Michener

Susan & Desmond Norman

Harold & Esther Vander Hyden

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